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For me, sending holiday cards is like the Super Bowl, Met Gala and awards season all rolled into one. The anticipation (and the spirits!) are high. While I try to test my creativity every year, my mailers always reflect those quintessential Cheree Berry Paper & Design details that ultimately distinguish our unique collection from the commercial bah humdrum.

Holiday cards have always held a special place in my heart and home. I hope you find one of our personalized greetings that evokes the same nostalgic joy for you and your loved ones.


2017: This Is Us

I never pass up the chance for a clever play on pop culture, and in 2017, This Is Us reigned supreme as the darling of the small screen. The precursor to “Instagram vs. Reality,” this holiday greeting garnered smiles by capturing our family both picture-perfectly posed and chaotically candid.

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2019: Eyes Wide Open

I spy with my little eye an interactive card that turned up, turned down and turned out a sensory explosion of fun! A series of nesting photos opened a window into our world, giving glimpses of my littles’ multifaceted personalities plus their sweet (sometimes mischievous) sibling dynamic. Pro tip: giving the kids props makes a photoshoot a ball for all!

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2021: Another Nutty Year

Another nutty year meant channeling my inner Uncle Drosselmeyer and transforming my kiddos into nutcrackers via lenticular illusion. Each custom vector animation mimicked its mini muse, from their heights and hair color down to their clothes and shoes, making this a truly personalized card you couldn’t find off-the-shelf or anywhere else.

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2022: The Dog Debut

When the Berry-York bunch welcomed a new addition to the family – our rescue doodle, Webster – I marked two occasions with one hybrid holiday card! Whether debuting a new arrival (baby or fur baby), a new address or a new married last name, commemorating major milestones and the most wonderful time of the year together creates an unforgettable two-for-one holiday special.

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